About Det Grønne Hus (“The Green House”)

“Det Grønne Hus” is closed

The Green House – the impartial partner that challenges to create sustainable solutions

Who are we?
The Green House is Zealand’s Agenda 21-center and operates in Køge municipality. We are an independent organization and a center of knowledge when it comes to the environment, energy, nature, transport, waste, urban development and water. We facilitate projects that center around the environment in Køge municipality.

How can we help you?
If you as an organization or private person want to incorporate the environment into your projects, we can be your sparring partner. We are specialists in close dialog that leads to concrete sustainable actions among citizens, corporations and municipalities.

We constantly think in sustainable solutions, and incorporate them in our projects from the start. Furthermore, our projects are always executed in collaboration with the involved stakeholders and relevant professional partners. We have a wide range of collaborators; EnergiTjenesten, SEAS-NVE and a number of municipalities, among others.

What do we do?
The Green House initiates projects and campaigns that can help develop sustainable living. Our goal is to inspire and find innovative solutions that can engage and motivate sustainable action.

We are always at the forefront of new trends and technologies within sustainability and the environment. Additionally, our professional skills cover a wide field of sustainable knowledge, from construction and gardening to campaign development and renewable energy. Consequently, you will always find an employee that can help you get started and can provide you with impartial and qualified counseling.

Our projects and campaigns include, but are not limited to:

  • Energy counseling
  • Environment certifications of shops
  • Green mobility
  • Rainwater counseling
  • Sustainable urban development
  • Sustainable gardening